Varvara Sidorovna Tamonina (AKA. Varya or Varenka Dobroslova or Vivien) born on November 21st 1921, in Kryukovo, Russia[1], is a Russian/Soviet witch (Night Witch), belonging to the 365th Special Regiment of the Red Army.[2]

World War IIEdit

Varvara was captured by the Nazis near Bryńsk, in Poland, in January 1943. As part of the slave labour project Organisation Todt, she found herself transported to the occupied British island of Guernsey. Once there she escaped and was taken to the resistance. They named her Vivien, a name she continued to use.[3]


In 1952 she married and lived with her husband in a semi off the High Street in Wimbledon. They never had any children, and he passed away in 1963. By 1966 she was still living in the house in Wimbledon and on August Bank Holiday that year Varvara discovered that she didn’t age anymore. Some time after that she moved to Notting Hill.[4]

She doesn’t remember 1975, among other years.[5]

She rediscovered her magic skills in the 1980s and 90s, and expanded her knowledge in the field.[6]

During this period she did odd jobs for people both involved in the Demi-monde and outside of it. Being someone who lived on the edge of the Demi-monde this seemed to be very profitable. She even did jobs for the Faceless Man, such as searching for Albert Woodville-Gentle.[7]


She posed as a live-in nurse of Albert Woodville-Gentle[8], whom she met in 2003 after a 6 months search. It also turned out she wasn’t posing, but worked as his nurse part time.[9]

She spent some time in prison; HM Prison Holloway[10], and after that she helps Nightingale with the magical education of Abigail Kamara.[11]


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