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Tobias “Tobi” Winter is a junior member of the Abteilung KDA, the German equivalent of the Folly.[1] Aside from his 'Master' and boss Die Chefin, he is the only other licensed practitioner in Germany.[2]

He is the main character of the novella The October Man, set in Trier, Germany.[3]

Although Tobias Winter was employed by the Abteilung KDA he was not initially brought in to learn magic or become a practitioner. In 2012, when the KDA learned that Nightingale had taken a new apprentice (Peter Grant) in breach of an older arrangement between Germany and England, the KDA Director asks him to learn magic. She later comments that she chose him because of his 'charm' although Tobias suspects other reasons.[1][2]

He has stated that much of his work for the KDA is investigating magic incidents around Germany, particularly cases involving old Nazi 'Werewolf' stashes. He keeps his Volkswagen well stocked with non-standard police equipment (e.g. flamethrower, Geiger counter) and standard police equipment (e.g. evidence bags, gloves).[2]

Family and Early Life[]

Tobias' father is the Polizeipräsident of Mannheim, equivalent to the Chief Constable or Commissioner in the UK, and is known to throw potato fires in his garden in Gartenstadt. Tobias' mother is a former anti-nuclear activist who now works as a teacher, possibly even the principal since she is responsible for administrative work. The two met when Tobias' father arrested Tobias' mother during an anti-nuclear demonstration. Tobias is an only child[2], born in 1987.[4]

In The October Man he observes one of his childhood drawings in his mother's office, his old room, noting that it is either a unicorn or a horse with an arrow in its head.[2]

Magical Capabilities[]

Tobias started learning magic in 2012. His first lesson in magic was to resist the glamour, allowing him to resist Morgane easily when she calls him to her in The October Man, p. 149. Tobias also demonstrates an intentionally low-powered 'Schwebelicht' (equivalent to the British werelight) and a keen sense for vestigia. As the novella is set in October after Lies Sleeping[5], Tobias has been trained only slightly shorter than Peter Grant, whom he sees as a role model.[2]


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