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The October Man is a novella by Ben Aaronovitch.

It was written between February & May in 2018.[1] and was published on 13th June 2019, a short extract is available online.[2]

The audiobook is narrated by actor Sam Peter Jackson.[3]


The German word “Oktobermann” is a colloquialism for a good-looking “ladies’ man”, especially if born in October. [Note: I would like to see an attribution for that. I am from Germany but never encountered that word, nor did I find it in any dictionary. LP.] [Well, I got it from another German, who also said it was old fashioned and not used much. Feel free to improve! LB.]


Tobias Winter of the KDA is called to Trier, where a vineyard is apparently killing people. Solving the mystery together with the local police, Vanessa Sommer, requires the uncovering of secrets dating back to Roman times.[4]

List of returning characters[]

List of characters introduced in this story[]


The following is an outline of the internal event timeline.

131px-ENG COA Newton.svg.png Cave pericula secunda!
The following sections may contain spoilers for all novels and comics.
  • 1754–1766: Ferdinand Teitz working in Trier; Marriage between Kelly and Christian Stracker
  • 1765: Kelly's and Christian's child is born; Christian Stracker killed; Gabriel Beck buried (alive but undying)
  • 1945: HB born (revenant by GB); Kelly protects Nightingale under the Roman bridge
  • 1970: JS born
  • 1982: JS stalked and attacked by HB, he is shot by her; HB disappears (killed?)
  • 1984: JS' grandfather offers wine to Kyll; JS tries to steal it and meets Kelly
  • 1993: JS' grandfather dies
  • ?: JS moves to California
  • 2011?: JS returns to Trier
  • 2011: Morgane born
  • 2013: The Society for drinking Good Wines founded; picnic by the riverside
  • 2015: (August) Picnic by the Mariensäule
  • 2015: JA hired by JS
  • 2015: (October) JA and JK murdered; TW identifies and arrests the murderer
  • 2015: (December) VS transfers to the BKA/KDA