The Metropolitan Police Service of London.

Noteable members of the Metropolitan Police ServiceEdit

For members of the Folly see British Wizards and Witches.

David Carey Edit

DC David Carey is a member of the Murder Team and assists with the investigation into the murder of James Gallagher as a family liaison officer. He is plump and sandy-haired.[1]

Maureen Duffy Edit

Maureen Duffy is a Detective Chief Inspector and head of the Bromley Murder Team. She is a slim white woman with a long nose, and hails from Fife. She drives a Mercedes E Class soft top convertible.[2]

Sahra Guleed Edit

A DC, Sahra Guleed was first introduced working with the Murder Team on the raid on the Faceless Man's "Strip Club of Dr. Moreau." She is a young woman of Somali descent. She wears a headscarf and refers to herself as a "muslim ninja"[3]. Later, she assists with the investigation into the murder of James Gallagher as a family liaison.[4]

Francis NeblettEdit

A Police Inspector, Neblett is Peter Grant’s shift commander at Charing Cross nick. He has served in the force for thirty years and is described as a stolid man with lank, brown hair and a face that looks as if it had been hit by a shovel.[5]

Phillip Purdy Edit

PC Philip Purdy works out of Charing Cross nick. He has a reputation as a "uniform carrier."[6].

Alexander SeawollEdit

Detective Chief Inspecor (DCI) of the murder team. He is described as a “northern git” - a big man, roughly six feet tall, barrel-chested, beer-bellied, with a voice that could make the windows shake.[7] He presents an intimidating figure but is a clever and effective police officer who seems to be respected by his colleagues.

Miriam StephanopoulosEdit

A Detective Sergeant of police, Miriam Stephanopoulos is the right hand woman of DCI Seawoll. She is described as "squat, angry-faced, and middle-aged," with brown hair.[8] She and her partner have a house in the countryside where they keep chickens.[9]

Richard FolsomEdit

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of police, he is described as “Tyburn’s boy” and has been in the force since 1982.[10][11]

The Commissioner Edit

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is never named. He is said to have the final authority in principal matters relating to the Folly — specifically, Nightingale has to get his approval when Peter is to be sworn in as an apprentice. He seems to be fully aware of the “arrangements” and “agreements” and questions Nightingale if it is necessary to break them.

Peter apparently respects the Commissioner and says “he wore the uniform well and was judged by the rank and file as possibly not being a total muppet”.[12]

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