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The Furthest Station is a novella in which Peter Grant, Abigail Kamara, and Jaget Kumar tries to find out why there's a sudden outbreak of ghosts on the London Underground.

It takes place between the graphic novel Black Mould and the novel The Hanging Tree.[1]


There is an increase in the reports of ghost sightings on the London Underground. The sightings appear to be concentrated to the Metropolitan Line.

Peter Grant, along with Nightingale, Jaget Kumar and Abigail Kamara, investigate the source of the ghost activity. Once again PC Grant is forced to leave the safety of London, this time he is heading for the outer suburbs.

References to other works

Peter and Abigail have invented a scale for 'intensity' called an 'annie'. This is a reference to the series 'Being Human' in which the ghost, Annie, was variably visible depending on her mood.[2]

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The Waterstones edition of The Furthest Station contains an interview with Ben Aaronovitch.


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