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Tales from the Folly is a short story collection published 31 July 2020 as an e-book and audiobook only. Much of the content has been published before, either on Ben Aaronovitch's blog or in special editions of the novels. However one story was previously unpublished in written form, and one was entirely new.

The stories in the collection is narrated by: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Sam Peter Jackson, Ben Elliot, Felix Grainger, Alex Kingston, Shvorne Marks and Penelope Rawlins.

NB: "Tales from the Folly" is also the recurring title of the one-page comics appended to every Graphic Novel published so far. Cf. Tales from...


  • Charlaine Harris on Rivers of London
  • An Introduction to The Introductions

Part One: The Peter Grant Stories (with individual introductions)[]

Part Two: The Others' Stories[]

Just One More Thing...[]

  • The Author's postscript, hinting at at least three upcoming short stories: