Bruno Taut's glass pavilion, a Stadtkrone.

is a housing estate south of the river Thames, created by the German-born architect Erik Stromberg. The pièce de résistance of the estate was Skygarden Tower. A Stadtkrone was placed at the very top of the tower.[1] Peter Grant called the estate a "poem in concrete and deprivation".[2] In the park surrounding the Tower lived a wood nymph called Sky.[3]

The entire tower was blown up by the Faceless Man.[4]

Residents in Skygarden Tower Edit

Rumours surrounding Skygarden Tower Edit

There were rumours about Skygarden Tower. One is that the residents of the tower never did anything halfhearted. They never settle for anything second-rate, the proof being the professional success of several of the previous tenants. Another rumour (heard by Louise Talacre), said that a group of tree-worshipping New Age druids squatted in one of the blocks.[5]

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