1960s Mary Quant minidress, green, purple and white jersey

Sky is described as wearing a green Mary Quant dress[1] such as the one pictured here.[2]

Sky was a wood nymph living in the central park of the Skygarden Estate.

Her personality and mental age changed with the seasons.[1] In the spring she was rather childish, but matured during the autumn. Peter Grant postulated that she may have been a type of genius loci created by the unique architecture of the Skygarden Estate,[1] but this theory was never confirmed.

Sky and Nicky were close friends and are described as playing together multiple times in Broken Homes.[1] Their close friendship may be related to the adjacency of the River Neckinger to the Elephant and Castle area, the fictional location of the Skygarden Estate.

Wrongful Death Edit

She died as a result the Faceless Man's strategy to demolish Skygarden's central tower. The trees in Skygarden's central park had kept the building as Grade II listed, preventing its redevelopment in the 1990s and after.[1] During the events in Broken Homes, the Faceless Man via Varvara Sidorovna hired a team to illegally vandalise the trees resulting in Sky's death.[3]


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