Mamusu "Rose"[1] Grant is the mother of Peter Grant and wife of Richard 'Lord' Grant. Together with her husband, she lives in the Peckford Estate in Kentish Town. Rose currently works as an office cleaner in London.[2] Her favorite genre of music is Jazz.

Family Edit

She is a light skinned Fula from Sierra Leone, who speaks Krio.[3] Her father had several wives; Alfred Kamara is one of her half-brothers.[4] She has a lot of Temne and Susu relatives.[5] Rose went to school in Kambia with a girl named Jo who also lives in London now.[6]

Before emigrating to the United Kingdom she worked as a librarian in Freetown, Sierra Leone[5] with Elsie Winstanley.[7] Most of her immediate family in Sierra Leone has emigrated either to the UK, the USA, or Denmark.[3]

Peter's Relationships Edit

Simone Fitzwilliam Edit

When Peter introduced Simone Fitzwilliam to his mother, Rose recognized Simone as the woman who tried to seduce her Richard during the beginning of their courtship. Since Simone still appeared young Rose deduced she was a supernatural being, referring to her as an 'evil witch' during their confrontation.[2]

Beverley Brook Edit

Rose has displayed interest in Beverley Brook and the rest of the Thames family.[8] She also volunteered to raise any children Peter and Beverley may have, despite Peter's embarrassment at the subject.[8]

Relationship with the Folly Edit

After Peter's induction to the Folly Rose appeared to approve of his new role as wizard equating it to 'witchfinder'. Peter states this is because 'witchfinder' is perceived as more prestigious than police officer in the Sierra Leone community.[2] Inspector Nightingale updates her on Peter's progress as his apprentice--much to Peter's dismay.[8]

Other Edit

  • She has a large shoe collection and enjoys palm oil and spicy food.[2]
  • During Peter's childhood she routinely chemically straightened her hair.[2]


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