Robert Weil was a member of the Little Crocodiles when he read biology at Oxford University in the late 1980s/1990s. He lived in Crawley with his wife Lynda and their two children until the events at the beginning of Broken Homes.[1] He may be involved with the Faceless Man, but his connection remains unclear.

Murder Conviction Edit

While driving his Volvo V70, Robert Weil ran a red light at an intersection near Pease Pottage and collided with the car of Allen Frust. Allen Frust was killed instantly in the collision, but Robert Weil survived with few, if any, injuries.[1]

Police Constable Maureen Slatt attended the collision and noticed blood on the backseat of Robert Weil's car that could not be attributed to Weil or Frust. This evidence led the investigation team to a shallowly buried body in St. Leonard's Forest.[1] Through use of cellphone triangulation the police investigation team was able to determine Robert Weil had been disposing of the body shortly before his traffic collision.[1]

Although the body was not identified, Robert Weil was convicted of murder and sentenced to a life term in prison.[2]

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