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Rivers of London is the first book of the Rivers of London or Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. It was published under the name Midnight Riot in the United States.


Peter Grant is a newly graduated police from London. After an encounter with a ghost he is recruited to the Folly, a police unit working with supernatural crimes.

List of characters introduced in this story[]

Minor characters[]

  • Alexander Seawoll - Senior Investigation Officer
  • Nicola Fabroni - Italian heroin addict
  • Eugenio Turco - Italian heroin addict
  • Celia Munroe
  • Mr Munroe
  • Georgina Munroe
  • Antonia Munroe
  • Jennifer
  • Alex
  • Christopher Pinkman
  • Sadun Ranatunga
  • Brent
  • Lea
  • Terry, working at the Royal Opera House and knows about the ghost of Thomas De Veil.
  • An unnamed Australian nurse at UCH, who is an acolyte of either Mama Thames or Beverley Brook.
  • Michael Smith - a Hare Krishna
  • Henry MacIlvoy - from Wellington, a Hare Krishna
  • William Cattrington - from Hemel Hempstead, a Hare Krishna
  • Willard Jones - former lifeguard
  • Professor Phillip Pointer
  • Martin Turner - street performer


The London Edition of Rivers of London contains the short story The Home Crowd Advantage.