Richard Grant (AKA Lord Grant[1]) is the father of Peter Grant and husband of Rose.[2] He has been a prominent Jazz Trumpeter in London since the 1970s, under the working name 'Lord Grant'. Despite his skill, he has not become prosperous from his music. He is also a recovering heroin addict.

He currently plays Jazz with the Lord Grant's Irregulars and has established a presence in the Demi-monde music scene as well as the general London music scene.[3]

Jazz Career Edit

Early Training Edit

When Richard was 12 years old his music teacher gifted him a second-hand trumpet and paid out of his own pocket for trumpet lessons. By fifteen years old Richard had quit school and become a delivery boy in Soho while looking for music gigs.[1] When Richard was 18 years old Ray Charles heard him play at the Flamingo club and said:

Lord but that boy can play
- Ray Charles in reference to Richard Grant.[1]

Because of this Tubby Hayes began calling Richard 'Lord Grant' as a joke and nickname.

Mid-Life Edit

Few details have been revealed about Richard's life from his 20-60s.

  • He met and married Rose sometime during the 1970s.
  • At one point, when he was younger, he encountered a jazz vampire called Simone Fitzwilliam. He survived, but suffered permanent brain damage from exposure.[1]
  • He developed a heroin addiction that continued until shortly before the events in Moon Over Soho. Allegedly, this addiction might have been connected to his exposure to Simone.[1]

Later Life Edit

Because of his heroin addiction, he is said to have "lost his lip", disabling him to further play the trumpet.[1] Instead, he takes up playing keyboard until Peter pays for him getting his teeth fixed with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and his, Peters, own savings. Subsequently, Richard starts playing the trumpet again.[3]

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