Reynard Fossman is a white, foxlike, man. He is short, has a triangular face, sharp white teeth, rust-coloured hair and hazel eyes flecked with gold. His name Reynard comes from the french word renard, which means fox.[1] It's not known if he is the personification of the 14th century French fairytale trickster Reynard the fox.[2]

During the Spring Court he tried to chat up Abigail Kamara. At the time he was wearing a red hunting jacket, camouflage trousers, Dr. Martens boots and a t-shirt with an anti-foxhunting print.[3]

He was in liaison with Christina Chorley and they got hold of Jonathan Wild's final ledger, from the Faceless Man. Reynard contacted the Folly, and offered them the chance to buy the book.[4]

He was involved in the second kidnapping of Anna Nestorovna Yakunina, and Dan Russell’s vixen and cub.[5]

His girlfriend is called Deirdre.[6]

Establishments he frequents Edit


  • He watches the children's television program Basil Brush[11]


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