Newtonian Spells Edit

Newtonian spells are a combination of the words of the spell and one or more forma which are made in the mind. The words are more or less just a label on the forma.[1][2]

Basic forms are used in combination to cast spells of higher order. The spells were developed by Isaac Newton, hence the Genii locorum's nickname of The Folly: "The Isaacs".

Newtonian spells are used in wide parts of Europe and North America. Annotation is usually in Latin. In case of weaponised spells the names may be in different languages as they are not used during the casting.

Basic Forms Edit

  • Lux (light), creates a werelight. Can be varied in size, light and heat intensity. Can also be used underwater and moved around. [1] This is the first forma that at classically trained apprentice wizard learns.[3]
  • Impello (move), moves an object around.[1]
  • Scindere (divide), fixes an object in place.[1]
  • Palma (hand).[4]
  • Aer (air), holds the air still. [4]
  • Congolare (congeal, thicken).[4]
  • Aqua (water), manipulation of water. [3]
  • Terra (earth) [3]

Higher Forms Edit

Unknown Order Edit

  • Fireball, attack spell, variation of Lux and Iactus.
  • Dissimulo (hide) Molds flesh and bone into a specific shape and appearance, with catastrophic results when the spell runs out.[1]
  • Seducere, compulsion or glamour.[1]

Second Order Edit

  • Lux aestus Scindare, (could possible also be a third order spell, depending on how adjectiva are counted).[4] Might also be spelles Lux iactus scindere.[4]
  • Imepello Palma [4]
  • Aer Congolare [4]
  • Lux Impello [3]

Third order Edit

  • Aqua Impello plus a couple of adjectivium.[5]

Fourth Order Edit

  • Telescopium. Made of the components Aer, Aqua, Congolare and one unknown.

Sixth Order Edit

  • Vox Imperante. Six Forma and a dozen inflectores, gives a 'commanding voice'.[6]

Adjectiva Edit

Formae that have no effect alone but change another forma if combined.

  • Iactus (throw).[1]
  • Aestus (agitation), intensifies Lux.[4]

Formae inflectentes Edit

Used for higher order spells, translates to 'bend forms'. As of yet (Foxglove Summer) not explained.[3]

Turpis vox Edit

Also called 'unseen word', a second unintentioned forma added to a basic forma. A common apprentice error. Translates to 'repulsive voice'. [4]

Formae contidianae Edit

Formae contidianae (daily forms), are formae like Lux and Impello which have been used for generations and exist in many variations. An opposite would be Aer or Terra, which fell out of fashion due to being unpractical, difficult and not very useful.[4][3]

Empedoclean Edit

Old fashioned name, based of the theory of four elements, for the formae Lux, Aer, Aqua and Terra.[3]

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