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Mrs. Canal (actual name?) is believed to be the Genius loci of Regent's Canal and Grand Union Canal. Legend has it that she once was an orangutan living in London Zoo, which is bisected by Regent's Canal.

This legend is supported by the fact that an ape woman attacked Fleet and Lady Ty, as they had walked along the tow path of the canal during the period when Mrs. Canal had a dispute with Mama Thames. The sisters still do not know what the feud was about.[1] Peter called her the Goddess of the Canals[2] possibly alluding to her being the Genius loci of other London canals.

While being near Regent's Canal Beverley Brook spoke about sitting too close to it, without asking for the permission from a Mrs. Canal. Peter, having met the genius loci of the canal, thought she wasn't that fussy provided you brought her a banana (especially a fair trade one).[3]

She might reside in a four-storey Georgian terrace on St Mark's Crescent, near Regent's Park.[1]

It is believed that she convinced Melvin Starkey that he was a rat.[1] Later Melvin became her estate manager and also her boatman.[2]