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Moment eight was published as an e-Mail circular on October 31:st, 2021.[1] Cf. Publication Archive.


In a report to Tobias Winter, Regierungsoberinspektor Gunter Gebauer details his interview with Stephen in New York, sometime in March 2016, concerning the Librarian’s recent encounter with Peter Grant in London. Stephen tells of Peter’s Signare, which in his view is unique in the world. It has the “tick-tock” of Nightingale but “then it goes all over the place”, “like laughing like, like I don’t know - joy. Like it’s the most fun he’s ever had and it’s full of extraneous noise. Bits of music, the smell of chocolate, that cathedral with the dome, running water. Like he’s a kid in a pirate suit who’s been given a real pirate ship”.