Fae Edit

A fae is a collective term, almost like foreigner or barbarian.[1]

Genius loci Edit

A Genius loci is the spirit of a certain place, and are usually very powerful.[2] Man made constructions, such as buildings, can aquire a Genius loci.[3]

River Spirit Edit

A River Spirit is the Genius loci of a river.[2]

Canal SpiritEdit

These differ from River Spirits according to Tyburn and Fleet.[4]


AKA He of the Forest. Genius loci of a forest.[5]

Ghost Edit

A ghost is the spirit of a deceased, who become attached to the vestigium of a certain area and can live off vestigia or magic.[2]

Revenant Edit

An avenging spirit or ghost who returns from the dead for revenge. A “ghost vampire” who lives off the magical force of others.[2]

Troll Edit

Trolls usually want to live on riverbanks, preferably on places overshadowed by stone or brick.[1] For instance Nathaniel, a troll who acts as a police informant, lives under the arches of Richmond Bridge, having moved there from Hungerford Bridge.[2]

Vampire Edit

They are anti-life, or Tactus disvitae. Vampires feed off the magic potential, including the vestigia, of their surroundings and of living creatures.[2]

Jazz vampire Edit

As other vampires, jazz vampires live off energy. In this case the energy comes from jazz musicians.[6]


Unicorns resemble horses, but have a long horn in their forehead.[7]

Wood nymphEdit

In the park surrounding Skygarden Tower lived a wood nymph called Sky. She died when the trees in the park were cut down.[8]

Possibly magical entities Edit


Mellissa Oswald has some kind of connection with the bees she is keeping. The bees also avoided the places where the Queen of the fae used to be seen.[7]

Fox Edit

Several encounters with foxes or foxlike creatures hint that foxes somehow are connected with the demi-monde.

Mermaid Edit

When Peter Grant first encountered a Genius loci, he asked Nightingale if it was a mermaid. His response: "That wasn't a mermaid", made Peter say: "So there are such things as mermaids". To this Nightingale only answered: "Focus, Peter, one thing at a time".[2]


Beverley Brook had heard rumours that Swedish forests once was the home of werewolves.[7]

Hugh Oswald said that the British practitioners, who survived Ettersberg, were followed by werewolve when fleeing the place. He didn’t know if it was actual werewolves or special forces.[7]

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