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Lies Sleeping is a novel by Ben Aaronovitch published 15th November 2018.[1] It is the 7th novel in the Rivers of London series.


The Met has started a major operation, led by and from the Folly, to catch the Faceless Man. By necessity, Peter will need to confront his old friend gone rogue, Lesley May, and to do that he will need to find out what to with Mr Punch.[1]

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Peter meets up with Lesley in a pub and once again tries to persuade her to betray Martin. After this, before Nightingale can arrive, Peter is tricked into a police car and captured by Lesley and Martin. He is held in a magic proof bubble created by Foxglove, who lives in the bubble with him. He builds a bond with her when she draws him and he listens to her story. Eventually, she lifts him out of the prison and frees him because Peter promises to take her to an old friend (Molly).

After a standoff underground, during which Lesley shoots DI Stephanopoulous in the leg, Peter surprises Lesley and Martin Chorley installing the third drinking bell in the Actor’s Church. He throws himself at Martin and they both fall off the church tower. As they are falling, Peter experiences a vision of  William of Tyburn, Chorley, Punch, Walbrook and others, in which Chorley realises he cannot kill Punch and Walbrook persuades Punch to hand Chorley to Peter. When the vision ends, Peter restrains Chorley, but Lesley shoots Chorley in the head for not killing Punch. After Lesley kills Martin Chorley, Peter lies down in defeat and exhaustion and is subsequently suspended from duty. He finds out that Beverley is pregnant with his child.

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