Jazz vampires is an ad-hoc term created by Peter Grant to describe several humans changed-by-magic who fed exclusively on London jazz musicians. Although feeding on human life in a similar fashion as ordinary vampires, they are probably unrelated and closer to the phenomenon of Old Soldiers.

The Jazz vampires encountered by Peter Grant appeared as young women in their 20s and did not age.

Only three jazz vampires are known to have existed:


Prior to World War II all three human girls attended Cosgrove Hall and were favorites of their teacher Miss Patternost, a jazz enthusiast. She played jazz records for the three girls and encouraged them to 'make shapes in their heads' in a practice similar to forma.[1] This exercise may have served as the foundation for the three girls to perform magic based on tactus vitae that extended their lives during and after the Luftwaffe bombing of the Café de Paris on March 8, 1941[2]. Peter theorized that the 3 women channeled the life force of those around them at the moment of death to survive the bombing.[1]

The traces of vestigium they left behind gave off a sense impression of the bombing that created them: a smell of dust, burned and broken wood, and the sound of jazz standard Body and Soul.[1]

Gross Negligence Edit

It is not apparent how aware the 3 women were of their changed status as Jazz vampires. Peter's interview of Simone demonstrates memories of their past seem to be suppressed.[1]

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