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hedge wizard or a hedge witch is a broad term for human practitioners who do not actively participate in the magical organization known as the Folly, or who learn their skills outside the tradition of British Wizardry.

Educated Outside the Folly[]

The term 'hedge wizard' can been applied to practicioners who acquired their powers ad-hoc from outside of the Folly[1][2]. The use of the term 'hedge' implies they often learn their skills in the countryside, although the source of this learning is unclear.

Retiring from the Folly[]

An officially sanctioned practicioner can be referred to as a hedge wizard when he retires to the countryside. Nightingale refers to this process as 'rusticating' when discussing Hugh Oswald.[3] Nightingale also refers to practitioners who used the Folly as their London club while away from their parsonages, estates, and university positions as 'hedge wizards'.[4] There seems to be some overlap with this usage and the term 'rogue practicioner'.

Ambiguity in the Definition[]

The term seems to be applied loosely and may be British specific and countryside specific as neither Varvara Sidorovna or Antonin Bobet are referred to in this way. It also does not seem specific to Newtonian magic versus non-Newtonian given the inclusion of retired practitioners.

Known hedge wizards/hedge witches based on education[]

Known hedge wizards/hedge witches based on rustication[]