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Goblin market/fair is a market held in different places every time, catering for the Demi-monde. Nightingale likened it to a nazareth (police slang for some kind of illegal market)[1] or a shebeen, and said it had been a tradition of a demi-monde activity in the fringes of the old horse fairs and markets.[2]

While researching in the Folly's mundane library, Peter Grant found a reference to Goblin Fayres and hidden markets at St. Bartholomew's feast as early as 1534.[2]

Peter and Lesley attended a market inside a Victorian terraced house on Villa Road, near Brixton.[1] Another one was at Athlone Street in Kentish Town.[2]

The goblin market before the one on Powis Square[]

This was the goblin market that Zachary Palmer first showed James Gallagher.[1]

The goblin market on Powis Square[]

The market was located at a Victorian house, which was being renovated, in Powis Square. James Gallagher found out about this market without the help of Zachary Palmer. He asked his cleaning lady Sonya for directions to Powis Square.[1]

The goblin market on Villa Road[]

Peter and Lesley attended a market inside a Victorian terraced house on Villa Road, near Brixton. The entrance was first through the door in the half basement and then out in the back garden. In the garden there was a crisp autumn afternoon, despite it being winter on Villa Road. There they met Effra and Oberon, in the pub. They also spoke to a goth girl called Hyacinth, who knew much about figurines. Sometimes she does business with Kevin Nolan, buying things from The Unbreakable Empire Pottery Company.[1]

A young man, with ginger hair and a very old tweed suit, sold books. Among them were a copy of Samuel Erasmus Wolfe's Exotica, from 1911, and a 18th-century reprint of Méric Casaubon's On Credulity and Incredulity in Things natural, civil and divine. He had no copy of the Principia, and claimed he had never seen one. Peter thought that he was lying.[1]

In one market stall there was a deck of tarot cards, with so much Vestigium as to keep a family of ghosts satisfied for a year.[1]

Lesley saw something that made her gasp. When queried by Peter she said it was nothing.[1]

The goblin market on Athlone Street[]

Peter and Lesley went to a market at Athlone Street in Kentish Town. The girl who worked in the entrance, was one of the waitresses in the bar at the goblin market on Villa Road. Before they could enter they encountered Varvara Sidorovna had a magic fight with her, after which she fled.[2]

The goblin market at Camden Lock[]

Peter and DC Billy Costos went there. Billy encountered Jael.[3]