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Peter and his colleagues use a fair share of abbreviations and police slang. This list should help the reader understanding what they are talking about.

Terms and Abbreviations[]

Term Explanation
AB Call sign of Belgravia police station[1]
ABH actual bodily harm[2]
ACC Assistant Chief Constable, the third highest rank in all British territorial police forces except the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police (Wikipedia)
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ASBO antisocial behaviour order[2]
BOCU Borough Operational Command Unit (Wikipedia)
BTP British Transport Police, police force policing British railways, including the London Underground. Jaget Kumar is their liaison to the Folly.
CCC Central Communications Command
CID Criminal Investigation Department (Wikipedia)
Contact Point A scaled down police station, e.g. Rainham Contact Point[3]
CP County Practitioner
CPS Crown Prosecution Service (Wikipedia)
CSU Community Safety Unit
CTC Counter Terrorism Command, a branch within The Met.
CrimInt Criminal Intelligence database
CRIS Crime Report Information System[2]
CX Call sign of Charing Cross police station[2]
DAC Deputy assistant commissioner, the rank held by Richard Folsom.[4]
DC Detective Constable, a constable who is member of a CID or Special Branch
DCI Detective Chief Inspector, a chief inspector who is member of a CID or Special Branch
DPS Directorate of Professional Standards
DS Detective Sergeant, a sergeant who is member of a CID or Special Branch
Falcon Call sign of the Folly[5] and subsequently term used to describe what the Folly deals with ("weird bullocks", the uncanny, Magic)
ECB9 A former call sign of the Folly.[6]
FLO Family Liaison Officer (Wikipedia)
GBH grievous bodily harm[2]
HOLMES HOLMES II, Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, IT system to facilitate investigations
HTD Hyperthaumaturgical Degradation
I99 call sign of a police helicopter[7]
IC1 identification code for white people[8]
IC3 identification code for black people[8]
IC6 identification code for Arabic or North African people[8]
IC7 identification code for unknown ethnicity[9]
IED improvised explosive device
IIP Integrated Intelligence Platform, a search engine for the Met's databases
IPCC Independent Police Complaints Commission
IRV Instant Response Vehicle or Incident Response Vehicle
IVA initial vestigium assessment[2]
MERLIN Missing pERsons and Linked INdices database on children who have become known to the police for any reason
The Met Metropolitan Police Service
MIT Murder Investigation Team (Wikipedia)
MIU major investigation unit
MPS Metropolitan Police Service
NCA National Crime Agency, UK national law enforcement agency
OCU operational command unit (Wikipedia)
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PC Police Constable
PCSO police community support officer, a uniformed civilian member of police support staff (Wikipedia)
PIP Professionalising Investigation Programme, a qualification programme for police officers

PIP1 - priority and volume crime investigations
PIP2 - serious and complex investigations
PIP3 - major investigations
PIP4 - strategic management of highly complex investigations

PM post-mortem examination
PMC Private Military Company
PNC Police National Computer, a computer system used extensively by law enforcement organisations across the United Kingdom (Wikipedia)
POLSA police search advisor, a search specialist
PSU police support unit, team of police officers for riot control (Wikipedia)
RSO registered sex offender
SAU Special Assessment Unit, another name for the Folly.[10]
SCD-fourteen Call sign of the Folly.[11]
SFO Specialist firearms officer
SIO senior investigation officer (Wikipedia)
Skipper Sergeant[12]
SOCO scenes of crime officer, an officer gathering forensic evidence (Wikipedia)
to TIE trace, identify, eliminate[5] or trace, implicate or eliminate[13]. Suspects get TIEed in an investigation.
TSG Territorial Support Group
TVP Thames Valley Police, jokingly called Chav Valley Police by Met colleagues[14] (Wikipedia)
UCH University College Hospital, where Dr. Walid works
uniform hanger derogatory term which suggests an officer's only use is as a hanger for their uniform[2]
Zulu One Z-1, call sign of the Folly's team[15]

Additional Sources[]

Glossary of the Metropolitan Police


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