A ghost is (according to John Polidori) the spirit of a deceased, who become attached to the vestigium of a certain area and can live off magic. When there is nothing left for the ghost to feed on it slowly fades away. Richard Spruce theorised that the ghost could, apart from magic, also live on vestigia. Peter Brock thought that ghosts were merely a recording engraved in the magical fabric of their surrounding.[1]

For a place to be haunted by a ghost it generally needs to be older than 30 years, so the level of vestigia is high enough. For a place to have a poltergeist it needs to be older than that.[2]

Peter Grant encountered the ghost of a graffiti artist (Macky) in a train tunnel. Macky had died, being hit by a train.[3]

In one way or another symbols have a great power over ghosts, often even stronger than magic.[4]

Classification Edit


The first factor to classify a ghost is its intensity. It is measured on a scale from one to ten annies, with one annie being the feeling that someone is standing behind you and ten annies being almost impossible to differentiate from a living human.


The second factor is volition, separated into loopers, simulacra and entities.[5]


A revenant is an avenging spirit or ghost who returns from the dead for revenge. A “ghost vampire” who lives off the magical force of others.[6]


Peter Grant have made two investigations of suspected poltergeists. One at the British Library[7], and one at the Covent Garden branch of Waterstones.[8] The former turned out to be a book that could walk[9], and the latter turned out to be a Genius loci.[10]

Ghost catchingEdit

A way to catch a ghost, is to use a rose jar.[11] Lady Helena Linden-Limmer claimed to be able to create a ghost trap.[12]



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