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Genius Loci, occasionally Genii locorum (the plural form of Genius loci, or locorum). Literally, “The spirit of a place”; most commonly River Gods and Godesses or River Spirits, who are also referred to as Orisa.[1] Other places, such as forests, can also have a Genius Loci (called Leshy).[2] In some cases even buildings can have a Genius Loci.[3][4]

The Genii locorum of the River Thames and its tributaries are bound by an Agreement with the human authorities which compels them to keep the Queen's Peace. Special permission is needed from an officer of the law if they are to practice their magic on land, in London.[1]

River Spirits[]

River Spirits (sometimes Orissa) are the Genius Loci of rivers.

Forest Spirits[]

It is unknown if the Russian myth of the Leshy and the English traditions of the Green Man are about related creatures, but Varvara Sidorovna said that long ago the vast forests stretched from St. David's in Wales to Vladivostok in Russia and that the trees still remember that time.[2]


One creature is known as Leshy, which is a Russian term meaning He of the Forest. Some claimed that the Leshy are evil kidnapping wood demons, while others claim that they are just very tempramental. During WWII the NKVD would incite the Leshy into great rage, and then drive them towards the German army.[2]

Green Man[]

When going through old records from County Practitioners Peter Grant found several reports of sightings of what appears to be a Green Man, many of them in Kent (such as near Sutton Valance and Egerton Woods).

  • An unknown County Practitioner wrote a report about being called out in the night of January the 6th (year unknown) to a parish the help find a missing child. Some of the parishioners claimed to have seen a Green Man.[2]
  • One CP (same as above?) wrote about child missing from Sutton Valance on September 22nd (year unknown). Although gypsies nearby though it might be a mullo who had caused the disappearance.[2]
  • Yet another CP (or the same) wrote about Caroline Lanchester (native of Stepney) who went missing some time after June (year unknown).[2]

While looking for a missing girl, Nightingale and Toby encountered something that looked like the Green Man.[2]

Spirits of man made constructions[]

For genius loci of canals, see River Spirit.

In some cases buildings can have a genius loci. I.e. the Genius loci of Waterstones, Covent Garden.[3]

In What Abigail did that Summer, Abigail comes across a house with a genius loci named Charles[4].