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Chess (AKA. Chester Heywood) is the young Genius Loci of the River Chess. He has the appearance of a robust 4-5 year old boy.

He was found by Allen and Lillian Heywood at the bottom of their garden after a heavy rainstorm 2-3 years prior to the events in The Furthest Station. The Heywoods took him in and passed him off as their great nephew.[1]

He seems to share many of the traits seen in older Genius Loci, such as being able to smell wizards and influencing humans.[1]

Beverley Brook stated that the Chess “is not [her] watershed, not even [her] Mum's watershed, or the Old Man's for that matter”.[2] However, the River Chess is a tributary to the River Colne which is a tributary to the River Thames and Colne is considered a son of Father Thames.


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