640px-EH1194622 Railings to Churchyard of Cathedral Church of St Paul 04

An example of wrought iron railings outside St. Paul's Cathedral, London. [1]

Ash is the Genius Loci of the river Ash. Per the Thames River negotiations between Father Thames and Mama Thames, Ash was the Thames Valley counterpart to Beverley Brook during the "hostage exchange" between the two parts of the river.[2]

He is said to have film star good looks and appears sexually openminded.[3]

While he is assisting Peter Grant in locating the Pale Lady, she attacks him with a piece of Victorian wrought ironwork fence.[4] Wrought iron is an almost pure form of iron with less than 1% carbon content,[5] which may be why Ash refers to it as 'cold iron'. 'Cold iron' is traditionally harmful to Fae, in some cases merely by proximity.

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